98th Tastevinage session

The Tastevinage – setting the standards for other Wine Fairs

The ninety-eighth Tastevinage winetasting took place at the start of September at the Château du Clos de Vougeot, and was chaired by Audrey Bourolleau, managing-director of Vin et Société.

The jury of 151 wine professionals sampled 368 burgundies, ranging from the regional appellation to the Grand Crus. Covering a region extending from the Yonne to the Beaujolais, the wine-tasters had to select those wines most authentically typical of their appellation and vintage.

Created in 1950, the Tastevinage is the oldest viticultural competition in Burgundy. Since then, more than 100 million bottles of burgundy have displayed the celebrated label

At a time of the year when wine fairs are being held in all over France, the Tastevinage serves as a benchmark for anyone seeking to navigate the complexities of the Burgundy appellations.

Conseiller d’Honneur Arnaud Orsel has announced that, in preparation for the 100th edition of the Tastevinage, the Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin has begun looking at ways in which the winetasting might be improved to meet the ever changing needs and demands of those who grow, buy or love wine.

At the end of the winetasting session, 122 of the 368 wines submitted had been judged worthy of the right to display the Tastevinage labels and seal – a reliable guarantee of authenticity, quality and enjoyment. You can find the complete list of the selected tastevinés at tastevinage.fr  and see photos of the Tastevinage on facebook.com/tastevinage

Click on this link for the list of laureates:

résultats du Tastevinage Automne 2016


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