What happens at the wine-tasting ?

In the great Cistercian cellar at the Château du Clos de Vougeot, a jury of more than 250 wine-tasters chosen from an elite of connoisseurs and fine palates are gathered together


famous winegrowers, wine merchants, leaders of the viticultural associations, brokers, oenologists, restaurateurs, government officials working in partnership with the wine industry, enthusiastic
and knowledgeable wine lovers, all surrounded by the Confrérie officials and journalists, present as “ disinterested observers ”. At each table, a score of wines, presented anonymously with no mention of the grower or négociant, are subjected to a rigorous organoleptic examination, lasting almost two hours.

The questions the judges have to ask themselves are very precise. “ Does the wine conform to its appellation and vintage? Is it really typical and will it improve with age? In other words, is it a wine I would be happy to have in my cellar and proud to serve to my friends ? ”

Absorbed in their work, the tasters evaluate the wines in religious silence under the watchful but strictly neutral eyes of the Confrérie organisers, whose task it is to see that all runs smoothly.



The wine-tasting on pictures



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