More than 70 years of selecting

At the first Tastevinage on June 28th, 1950, of 133 wines presented to the thirty winetasters for evaluation, 114 were selected to display the Tastevinage seal. In 2011, 1,966 wines have been tasted, a record presentation since 1950




In more than seventy years of wine selecting, the Tastevinage has successfully managed to adapt to the changing requirements of wine-drinkers. The constant improvements in the organisation of the selection test, the inclusion of new appellations, official recognition by the European Union these changes have all been introduced in conformity with the Confrérie’s abiding concern with maintaining quality.

The selection criteria are strict: roughly only a third of the lots submitted pass the selection test.

More than 100 million bottles have displayed the Tastevinage label since its creation.

The twin aims of the Tastevinage have been achieved: to reward the producer for the quality of his wine, and to give the consumer a guaranteed assurance of enjoyment.

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